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How It Works

Adventures Planned Honeymoons is a Luxury Honeymoon Travel Planning Service 

Our goal is to bring Creativity, Passion, Organization, and Innovation to your Honeymoon.


Fill out our Custom Trip Design Form to Start the Planning Process:


1. Getting to Know You:

At Adventures Planned Honeymoons our process always begins with an email consultation where we learn more about you.  Fill out our trip design request form to indicate your interest, and you’ll hear back from us within 24 hours to get started discussing your upcoming honeymoon or romantic getaway.

2. Collaboration:

Now that you’ve decided that Adventures Planned Honeymoons is right for you, we’ll begin our honeymoon planning process by diving into your overall vision for your trip, including your general time line, definite must haves (and no ways!), current stage in the planning process, and getting extremely clear on “YOU” and how we can custom tailor your individualized itinerary.

We’ll secure our Plan to Go Fee at this point to ensure that we can put our full attention into your honeymoon planning (this $100 fee is always 100% applied to your honeymoon trip quote).  No two itineraries are the same. But they’re all unforgettable.

3. Putting the Plan in Place:

When designing your dream trip, we’ll start with the areas of travel most important to you.  That might be the dates of travel, the Caribbean island destination, or your specific room accommodations.  Using your preferences, we’ll  prepare several travel itinerary options from the destination(s) discussed.  Once you’ve made a final decision about where you are headed and the general direction of your trip’s activities, we’ll dive into the details of your personalized itinerary.

4. Designing Your Itinerary:

Our goal is to execute an overall vision for your trip that incorporates transportation, accommodations, activities, and special touches that are specific to you and your interests.  We’ll continue to communicate and collaborate throughout the itinerary design process to ensure that our honeymoon design accurately reflects your vision.  Once your itinerary is exactly as you wish, we’ll secure the honeymoon arrangements with your initial trip deposit.

5. Preparing for the Trip:

With a couple of months remaining before your honeymoon, we’ll accessorize your travels.  This is the step that really sets Adventures Planned apart from the standard.  We love diving into the details that take your trip from average to extraordinary.  We’ll be looking at the unique and intimate details that will give you an effortless, one-of-a-kind experience.  This could be anything from dinning reservations and room service, to spa dates and adventure tours, depending on your individual interests.  When everything is in place, we’ll take care of all reservations and send your confirmations by email.

6. Accessibility and Assistance Throughout: 

Throughout the travel planning process you can expect constant communication to ensure we’re all working towards the goal of your perfect honeymoon.  We understand your busy lifestyle, and we don’t shut down at 5pm or on the weekends.  We’re happy to communicate by email almost 24/7, as well as by phone, text, Facebook, Twitter … you get the picture! Because of our flexible accessibility we’re able to work with clients throughout the United States.

Fill out our Custom Trip Design Form to start planning now:


Also, be sure to check out our FAQ page for some of our most frequently asked questions and answers.