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→ You’ve been meaning to plan your perfect honeymoon, but life keeps getting in the way

→ It all seems like such an overwhelming task and you have no idea where to start. 

→ You can’t seem to find the time to sit down in front of the computer and try to make sense of the enormous number of travel sites, online reviews, and destination guides. 

→ And when you do get online, you’re more confused then ever.  How do you know what to trust?

→ You wish someone else with the expertise and know-how could deal with all of the honeymoon planning and travel coordination (while you daydream about your upcoming days spent in the  sunshine … ahhhh)

Guess what?  That’s exactly what I do!

Untitled design (24) Hi, I’m Summer Tannhauser, The Honeymoon Designer behind Adventures Planned Honeymoons! My passion is designing uniquely one-of-a-kind honeymoons for the modern newlywed. 

I don’t believe in cookie-cutter trips.  I custom design travel plans, creating an experience as unique as the couples I work with.  I’m all about crafting luxurious adventures, unforgettable memories, and pure and simple fun! 

Through our honeymoon travel planning service, I give future-honeymooners the ability to forgo the hours of destination research, endless emails, and unexpected set-backs in the planning stage of travel.  Our clients don’t have to worry about a thing (other than picking out the perfect sundress!) 

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And in case you’re here to find out more about my life outside of Adventures Planned Honeymoons ….

aboutcollage I’m a Tennessee girl, born and raised.  After studying elementary education in college, I landed my first teaching job and  met my future husband. Two years later we were married, and made a life together with our “babies” – our three adopted dogs, Coda, Chloe, and Sierra.  In the past few years, we’ve become parents to our first child of our own, Paige, and have our second on the way, Trevor.

I discovered the travel bug early in life as our family took regular trips from coast to coast across the USA. In college I developed a love for other cultures, spending a spring break volunteering in the Dominican Republic, and participating in a student teaching internship in St.Lucia. For our honeymoon, my husband and I explored the island of Tobago.  

I’m a life long learner, idea generator, and travel junkie.  I love ice cream cones, making lists, taking photos, participating in challenges, craft beer, hiking mountains, and cute doggie gear. 

xoxo Summer 

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